About Komodo Experience Tour

Komodo Tour Experience is one of the best tour organizers in Labuan Bajo who take care of trips to the island of Flores and Komodo National park.

Our team has been involved in Tourism since the year 2008, but at that time we are still focusing on marketing tour packages located on the island of Bali. Since 2015 we have expanded our business to market a tour package on the island of Flores, and by the end of 2015 we are officially moving to Labuan Bajo to concentrate more on Flores Island and Komodo National Park.

All of our teams are made up of Flores native people, who know very well about the ins and outs of the island and some of the island’s most famous attractions.

Flores Island which has an area of about 13,540 kmĀ², has some very famous tourist attraction including: Kelimutu Lake, Bena custom village, Kampung Adat Wae Rebo, and some coastal nature tourism spread throughout the island. In addition to the tourist attraction, the unique thing of this island is the life of a very diverse society both in terms of religion, culture and ethnicity. Another diversity of the Flores Island community is the language used. Between one region and another have different regional languages. But to be able to understand each other, in general they use the Indonesian language.

In addition to these uniqueness, Flores Island is better known for the existence of one of the ancient animals called Komodo Dragon. The existence of this Komodo Dragon can be found in small island clusters located in the western part of Flores Island and called Komodo National Park Area.

Komodo National Park with a total area of approximately 1,733 square kilometers, consists of dozens of small islands with 3 main islands: Rinca Island, Padar Island and Komodo Island. Two of these islands are inhabited by Komodo Dragon namely: Rinca Island and Komodo Island. To visit this island we can make the trip from Labuan Bajo by ship. Trips provided also vary between Full Day Trip sampain live a board between 2 – 3 nights on the Ship.

To visit the island of Flores and Komodo National Park, Komodo Tour Experience team will help take care of all your needs during the trip. We will always strive to provide the best for our customer satisfaction. And undoubtedly with the professional team we have, we will work well for your convenience.

Finally we would like to say Welcome to Flores Island, hopefully you will enjoy your visiting on our lovely Island.

Best Regards

Eduardus Sun